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Here's the overall picture of Andrew Millott, and this web site:

After 260 credits, 19 years, 5 changes of major and 4 schools I finally completed my bachelors degree in accounting in May 2015. Most of my life I thought I would get some kind of degree in music.  In the end I decided that I wanted to leave music as my hobby in order to keep it enjoyable.  I've always worried that if I take something I love and turn it into work that I'll stop loving it.

Most of this site was built before 2005.  Very little updating has been done since then.  There might be some dated references.  There will definitely be corny jokes, colorful languange and a general lack of matrity.  The music is all in MIDI format with very little tweaking to actually make it sound good.  If you have some use for it on your website or project, use it.  Just email me and give me credit.


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